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Nothing beats one-on-one attention when you are working with injuries or even if you are a healthy athlete training for your next race.  These in-home yoga sessions will help you begin to live the life you deserve to live.

We will begin with an application form and a questionnaire to make sure we are a good fit.  Next, there will be an initial evaluation to complete an in-depth analysis of your movement.  From there it is up to you!  Here are some of the different programs that you can choose from.


*This item is required before purchasing any package or membership.*

To kick off our partnership, Erica will spend one hour with you to detail your medical history, examine your movement patterns, and determine your goals for yoga movement therapy.  In actuality, very little yoga will be done, so think of this as an information gathering session.  This time together provides Erica with the information necessary to develop a customized plan just for you.



Sometimes you just need a few sessions to get your body back in top-notch working order.  Here are some packages just for you.

2 Pack: $160 ($80/session)

6 Pack: $470 ($78.33/session)

10 Pack: $750 ($75/session)

Packages expire 1 year after purchase date.


Through long-term dedication, our bodies can start to heal and we really see the changes over time. Are you ready?

Intermediate Yoga Monthly Membership: 2 per month = $150/mo ($75/session)

Advanced Yoga Monthly Membership: 4 per month = $280/mo ($70/session)

Memberships require a 3 month minimum commitment.

Are you ready to get started? Click the button below to fill out the application form and Erica will get back with you as soon as possible!

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